About CIMS

An integrative, interdisciplinary approach

About the Center for Integrative Movement Sciences

Movement science encompasses a wide range of traditionally separate research fields, including muscle biochemistry, molecular biology and biophysics, materials science, neuroscience, biomechanics, kinesiology, exercise physiology and sports science, rehabilitation medicine, rehabilitation engineering, mechatronics, and bio-inspired robotics. We aim to bridge the gaps between ‘top-down’ approaches that focus on whole-organism behavior and ‘bottom-up’ approaches that characterize molecular and biophysical mechanisms.  An integrative, interdisciplinary approach is needed to understand how healthy function arises from the dynamic interactions among neural, physiological and structural systems. 

Purpose and Goals

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The Center will foster collaborative, team-based scientific partnerships and educational initiatives that encourage integration across scales from molecular biology to whole-organism movement.

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Integration across disciplines through partnerships among faculty in biological sciences, engineering, medicine, social sciences and arts.

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The interdisciplinary, team-based scientific approach of the Center will train the next generation of integrative movement scientists while identifying universal principles of movement across human and diverse animal systems.

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Partnership Opportunities

The Center hopes to develop community partnerships with schools, fitness, athletic and health organizations. If you are interested in becoming involved or affiliating with the Center, please get in touch.

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