Integrative Movement Sciences Summer Research Institute

Training the next generation

About the Program

A critical goal of the Center for Integrative Movement Sciences is to build a sustained community & training pipeline that supports diversity and inclusion in movement sciences.

The CIMS Summer Research Institute is a program funded by an award from the National Science Foundation to train the next generation of interdisciplinary movement scientists by developing skills in scientific reasoning, quantitative literacy, experiment design and model-based inference through collaborative research on projects that aim to answer fundamental questions in movement sciences.  The Summer Research Institute will be a 4-week long intensive research program open to undergraduates, graduate students and postdoctoral trainees.  Trainees will work on research projects in near-peer mentoring teams, supervised by collaborative teams of experts from UCI and across the country.


Lead Trainees

Expert scientists will lead trainees through research projects, seminars, workshops and short-lab courses, to introduce a range of experimental and theoretical approaches to movement sciences.

Interdisciplinary Connections

The curriculum will be designed to build interdisciplinary connections and integrate across organizational scales from molecules to whole-body movement.

Develop Skills

 Activities in the curriculum will help trainees develop skills in effective interdisciplinary communication, team science, quantitative analysis, coding skills in Python and Matlab, and model-based reasoning and analysis.

Symposium Activities

The Summer Research Institute will culminate in a Summer Research Symposium, where trainees will present posters or oral presentations on their summer research activities

Goals and Funding

Chaput in lab

The team-based science, near-peer mentorship and co-supervisory structure will help trainees to develop a sense of community and provide a training pipeline from undergraduate through faculty levels. The CIMS research and training incubator aims to transform the field of movement sciences by training scientists in effective interdisciplinary communication and team science, mathematical modeling, data analysis and open data sharing, to integrate understanding of movement from molecules to behavior.

Funding will be available to support trainees attending the institute, in the form of travel, subsistence and stipend.  Details will be confirmed in late Spring on the timing and format, in consideration of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.