Education and Training


Integrative Organismal Modeling of Movement (IOMM) Workshop Series

The IOMM workshop series is a program funded by the National Science Foundation Division of Integrative Organismal Systems to bring together diverse scientists at the intersection of organismal biology and physics, with shared interests in using model-based and quantitative approaches to address fundamental questions in organismal biology. The series aims to integrate perspectives and enable scientists to understand how organisms robustly sense, respond to their environment, and effectively navigate interactions with their environment and other organisms. 

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CIMS Summer Research Institute

The CIMS Summer Research Institute is a program funded by an award from the National Science Foundation to train the next generation of interdisciplinary movement scientists by developing skills in scientific reasoning, quantitative literacy, experiment design and model-based inference through collaborative research on projects that aim to answer fundamental questions in movement sciences.

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B.S. Physiology and Exercise Sciences

The goal of this unique program is to develop a small, highly talented pool of students who will become the future leaders that better explore the connection between physical activity and organismal health, in both human and nonhuman species.