Latest Past Events

Neuro-Arts Symposium on Embodiology

The Center for Integrative Movement Sciences is happy to co-sponsor a symposium led by Professors S. Ama Wray and Mike Yassa,  who will explore how traditional Africana movement and music practices can advance neuroscience and understanding of human movement performance.     The full-day schedule includes two public live-streamed events.  You can register for the…

The Role of Fascia in Health


The Center for Integrative Movement Sciences is co-sponsoring a symposium with the UCI Center for Healthspan Sciences on The Role of Fascia in Human Health. We invite you to join in a Zoom panel discussion with experts Dr. Helene Langevin and Dr. Christopher Daprato to learn about the important role that connective tissues can play…

IMS-SRI Workshop 9: X-ray Analysis Demonstration Video

Workshop 9 will occur asynchronously and feature an x-ray analysis demonstration video created by Dr. Simon Sponberg, Dunn Family Associate Professor of Physics and Biological Sciences at Georgia Tech.