We are hiring for several positions aligned with the NSF-funded Integrative Movement Sciences Institute at UCI. These positions offer the opportunity to integrate with an excellent network of colleagues at UCI and across several collaborating institutions.  The collaborative network will provide outstanding opportunities for professional growth and career advancement.  

IMSI Project manager: https://recruit.ap.uci.edu/JPF08995

The IMSI Project Manager will work under the supervision of the CIMS Director, Professor Monica Daley, to support the operations, strategic planning, network coordination, communications and logistics of the research and training activities of CIMS. The work will include management of budgets and annual reporting on externally funded grants and coordinating with collaborating faculty to meet reporting requirements and deadlines. Activities will include coordination and running a Summer Institute program that will provide trainees with an immersive research experience while also benefiting from training in team science, science communication and skills in quantitative data analysis and modeling. All CIMS initiatives share a strong focus on team-based science, interdisciplinary research and communication and integration of theoretical and computational modeling approaches with experimental research. The Project Manager will be responsible for program management, coordination of shared IRB and IACUC protocols across collaborating labs, overseeing day-to-day operations and communications. The role will include opportunities to be actively involved in research, education, and outreach activities as part of the team.

IMSI postdocs: https://recruit.ap.uci.edu/JPF08994

Two Postdoctoral Scientists positions are available to engage in research in the areas of muscle physiology, neuromuscular function, locomotor biomechanics and/or sensorimotor control of movement. The Neuromuscular Mechanics lab is led by Professor Monica Daley (https://neuromechanics.bio.uci.edu) and Professor Manny Azizi (https://azizi.bio.uci.edu), with shared lab facilities and resources for muscle physiology, comparative neuromuscular biomechanics of animal locomotion, and human biomechanics and motor control. Each postdoctoral scientists will have a primary affiliation with either Daley or Azizi and will interact extensively with members of both labs. Our research uses a range of experimental, analytical, and computational approaches to understand fundamental mechanisms of movement, integrating understanding of movement across organizational scales from tissue to whole-body motion.

IMSI Research specialist: https://recruit.ap.uci.edu/JPF09011

The IMSI Research Specialist will assist in developing shared, standardized protocols and data sharing plans across our network of collaborating scientists and facilitate the documentation and dissemination of shared resources. The specialist will have opportunities to develop and conduct independent research projects in their specific areas of interest. Specific duties will include assisting team members with research planning, data collection, data management and analysis, overseeing operations and purchasing, training of new lab members in procedures, safety, and protocols, processing experimental data and developing data infrastructure and code to assist collaborative research and data sharing. IMSI will provide extensive opportunities for mentorship, networking and opportunities to visit and collaborate with affiliated research laboratories,

IMSI Lecturer in physiology, biomechanics and exercise science: https://recruit.ap.uci.edu/JPF08979

The lecturer position would be a great opportunity for postdoc interested in building teaching credentials, with the opportunity to receive guidance from our excellent Professors of Teaching, while also being fully integrated with the Physiology group at UCI (https://compphys.bio.uci.edu/lab-members/) The lecturer will support our teaching efforts in Physiology Labs and direct year-long undergraduate capstone research projects serving our exercise science majors, starting in the Fall quarter of the 2024/2025 academic year. Our exercise majors will be performing research the Human Performance Laboratory, focusing their research projects on the mechanics, energetics, and control of human movement. The candidate will also have an opportunity to conduct research in collaboration with Dr. Monica Daley and Dr. Manny Azizi while interacting with the vast collaborative network affiliated with IMSI. The ideal candidate will have a MS/PhD in biology, kinesiology, or related field and preferably with some experience with Mo-Cap, EMG, locomotor kinetics, and energetics in human subjects. This is position is for one year with the possibility of additional years based on performance. Please direct questions to Dr. Manny Azizi (eazizi@uci.edu) or Dr. Monica Daley (mdaley@uci.edu).